«Nostre Dona de Montserrat» During the middle age, Montserrat, next to Barcelona, be one of the most important christian sanctuaries to which pilgrims of diverse regions went, peninsular and foreign, convinced of the miraculous power of the virgin of Montserrat.

‘Llibre Vermel’ gather an exceptional sample constituted by ten songs in Latin, Catalan and occitano, several of which are religious dances. Without a doubt it is an example of the cultural connections among the different areas of medieval Europe and of their centers of pilgrimage mariano.

 «Sanctuary Songs» The popular religiosity in the galician cantiga of pilgrimage.

The pilgrimage to sanctuaries, is the phenomena sociocultural most characteristic constitutes in medieval Europe. This related  intrinsically to the religious aspect with the extension of the cult to the saints and to their relics.

The presented repertoireis fruit of an investigative arduous work, concentrated on three fundamental areas, organológica, musicológica and philological. Firstly we had to know the texts and the origin of the galician troubadours treaties in the program, for we have the help of the galician class ‘Xosé Neira Vilas’ and of the Center Ramón Piñeiro in Galicia who facilitated texts and translations of the selected works, collections in the galician song books. (Cancionero Vatican Library, Cancionero Colocci – Brancuti, Cancionero,de Ajuda).

The other challenge was the musical reconstruction of a selection of works of: Martin de Ginzo, Airas Nunez, Airas Pais and other. With historical approach.