Ensemble Lauda is a Cuban musical formation created and directed by Henry Vidal in 2010, it has been part of the catalog of the National Concert Music Center since 2018; focused on the reconstruction and interpretation of medieval music belonging to the Romanesque and Gothic periods. The interpretation criteria is based on the investigation and study of documentary sources, the use of historic instruments, care of the text and creative freedom always in line with the musical aesthetics of the period, to present a musical result from the perspective of a contemporary artist who investigates repertoires of aforetime.

It belong to the artistic catalog of Centro Nacional de Música de Conciertos. Subsidized by the Ministery of Culture, with an annual program with concerts in halls and presentations in activities organized by provincial and national institutions. The ensemble performs annually at national music festivals, the most important being the Festival de Música Antigua Esteban Salas, Festival de Bayamo and on our own initiative the event Habana Medieval. Also linked in academic activities of the University of Havana and University College San Gerónimo, with the galicia chatedra ‘Xosé Neiras Vilas’ and portuguese ‘Eça de Queiros’ and Instituto Camoes, also collaboration in the Librarian’s encounter and events of the Oficina del Historiador de la Ciudad and the Leo Brouwer Office. Lauda is forming for eight member. (4) instrumentalist (3) solist voices (1) actor & declaimer.

Of his presentations, the one carried out within the collateral activities of the last Festival ‘Les Voix Humaines’, directed by maestro Leo Brouwer, stands out; the participation in three editions of the Esteban Salas Early Music Festival, the second meeting of San Salvador de Bayamo Early Music and the May Renaissance season of 2021. Also noteworthy are the ‘Itineres’ concerts offered within the framework of the activities of Galician societies of the Havana; active participation in the Confluencia editions, educational concerts organized by the ‘Xosé Neira Vilas’ Chatedra of Galician Culture of the Faculty of Arts and Letters of the University of Havana. Musical participation in the first and third colloquium of the Lusophony organized by the Camoes Institute and the Faculty of Languages. The concert offered on the VIII Conference of the Librarian’s day organized by the Office of the City Historian. The workshop concert on the sacred music of Saint Martial de Limoges and Notre Dame de Paris by the master Brigitte Lesne, where recognition was received from the Center de Músique Medievale de Paris. They also stand out in the artistic work, the recording of the phonograms Cantigas de Santuarios and the production work Em cas del rei under the Netherland label Aliud records; the online presentation at the Medieval Music in the Dales festival in England, and three audiovisuals.

Ensemble Lauda Members

Henry Vidal

Director, historical string instruments and singer.

Claudia Almanza

Interpreter of historical wind instruments and vocalist.

Reinaldo Ponce

historical percussion and singer.

Gabriela Carballo

Specializing in medieval citole and guittern.

Jordanis Guzman

Playwright and declamator of historical texts.

Maria Lucia Méndez

Mezzo soprano.