Cantigas de Santuarios

Among the rich Galicia-Portuguese medieval lyric – considered de golden age of Galician literature -, we can consider the cantigas de amigo as the most delicate and elaborate expression of our culture. Through this album, the Ensemble Lauda group recreates a very particular selection of this lyric: they are eighteen cantigas de amigo parallels Galician-portuguese sanctuary. That is how concise the description of this collection can be and at the same time, each one of the words that make it up, contains an endless debate; they are endless readings that have built up so many bold historiographical, philological, cultural and even feminist theories.

Em Cas d’el rei

New phonogram of Ensemble Lauda that you can enjoy soon, with a selection of love songs of King Don Denis I of Portugal.

A do mui bon parecer/ Martin de Ginzo (Galicia, 13th century)
Quer’ir a Santa Maria/ Airas Paez (Ourense, 13th century)