Em Cas d’el rei: The love songs of Don Denis I

Em Cas d’el rei: The love songs of Don Denis I

Don Denis, king of Portugal, ruled between 1279 and 1325. Like his grandfather, Alfonso X, agent of the collection of the Songs of Santa María, Denis was also patron of the arts and a confirmed cultor of the art troubadour that he made his court an important place for Galician-Portuguese poetry.

The cantiga de amor, love song, was the Galician-Portuguese equivalent of the canso provençal or the trouvére chanson. It tries as the main topic courteous love, special attention fruitful to the aspect of the poor thing, the suffering that a man supports passionately with a perfect lady, beautiful and inaccessible.

The cantiga of love belonged to what we know today as high song of troubadours. With complex musical structure, presenting in it use of rhetorical and even allegorical language.

From the literary corpus of the cantiga de amor in the Portuguese Galician language, only music from seven love songs of King Don Denis is preserved, written on the very deteriorated Sharrer parchment. It was discovered in Lisbon in 1990, this sheet that bound a book, perhaps was part of a larger work, today still unfound. 

In this Project Ensemble Lauda proposes the recording of the seven cantigas of the Sharrer parchment, plus the musical reconstruction of two love poems also authored by the king, and a lament written for his death. 

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