Cantico di Frate Sole: The popular religiosity in the 13th century communal italy

The first traces of a secular devotional lyric in Italy can be found in the poem by Francis of Assisi «Canticle of Brother Sun» «Altissimo, omnipotente bon Signore»; written to be sung, at the same moment that Italy sees the birth of communal society as an alternative to feudalism.

Ludus Danielis: performance of the liturgical drama.

A festive celebration, a masterpiece of the culture of the Middle Ages. It stands out for its richness, depth and musical variety. Possibly it was performed by the young clergymen of the cathedral of Beauvais, France, towards the end of the twelfth century, however, the manuscript (Egerton 2615) where it is preserved is from around the year 1230. Daniel’s game, uses poetry, music, visual spectacle, drama, suspense, humor, irony; it is possible to describe it as a «medieval opera».

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